Trump Defies DACA Rulings

On July 28, 2020, the Trump Administration announced that USCIS will:

  • reject all initial DACA requests – applications by persons who have never before received DACA status.
  • reject all applications for advance parole based on DACA, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • approve DACA renewal applications for only one year, instead of two.

These announcements appear to directly contradict the ruling of the Supreme Court last month that the Trump Administration did not act properly when it ended DACA.

Legal challenges to the Trump Administration’s July 28 announcement are likely.  California Attorney General Xavier Becerra appeared to indicate that he would return to court, stating that DACA should be “in full effect, including for new applications.  The courts have spoken.  We know what it takes to defend DACA . . . and we’ll do it again if necessary.”

DACA enjoys overwhelming support among the American people, including among Republicans.

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